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Digital Passport

The "Digital Passport" is an anti-counterfeiting and traceability solution to safeguard Italian food production, strengthen guarantees for consumers and competitiveness for supply chains to the benefit of quality, health and safety policies. The system involves the use of a personalized label, realized by Poligrafico with advanced security printing systems in order to guarantee the protection and enhancement of the specificity of the product, connected to the Trust your Food® App to allow the consumer to easily access to supply chain information.

The label, made with graphics that recall the colors and distinctive elements of the product and with security systems as well as those used for printing banknotes, will make each product unique and immediately recognizable for national and international consumers. The label is also equipped with a sophisticated coding system that allows its identification and traceability along all the steps of the supply chain.

The codes printed on the label, in fact, assume a fundamental function of connection between the consumer and the producer as they allow enter the Trust your Food® app, a communication channel through which the user can verify the authenticity of the label data, deepen knowledge about the product by accessing the contents made available by the supply chain operators and interacting directly with the subjects involved.

The Trust your Food® app, free and available on the Apple and Android stores, represents a dynamic tool, always connected and within the reach of the citizen to consolidate the relationship of trust between consumer and product as well as trigger the necessary checks where there is suspicion of an alteration.

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